Chinese Numerology

Different cultures of the world creates different meaning for many similar things, and what makes these similar things different is the intention, the behaviour pattern and most important the assumptions regarding the particular number, symbol or sound and their association with fortunes and misfortunes.

Here if we talk about the numerology and especially the Chinese numerology, it has its very close connection to the resemblance of its sound pattern or connotation toward the Chinese language. And so the number which seems to be only a digit in other culture is made as fortune or unfortunate in Chinese numerology.

Not only the Chinese numerology has this kind of assumptions, but some western cultures are also associated with the similar practice of associating the numbers with the idea of their own opinion of good and the bad.

Chinese Numerology



Significance of Numerology:

So here the numerology is any belief of relationship between a number and the coinciding events. Generally it is associated with paranormal with divinatory faith and astrology.

Today the number system is associated with every aspect of life from earth to space, birth to death, science to fiction, traditional to modern and many more. Numbers are everywhere surrounds us from every side and from every aspects of our life. In early days when the number system including zero was discovered by Indian astronomers, these were used in scientific advancement of finding the new ways of life. But at the similar time numbers were also started to be associated with the good and the bad belief system. In some western culture where the number 1 symbolizes the ‘initiative’ and 2 with ‘Balance’, similarly in Chinese numerology belief system 1 is associated with “loneliness” and 2 with “double the worth”. Generally the Chinese numerology and its function depend mainly upon the sound pattern of the Chinese language and its words. For example if the number pattern sounds like the positive word like that of “happiness” then that number is associated with fortune. But if the number sounds like a negative word like that of “illness” then it is considered as unfortunate.



Importance of Pronunciation:

Mainly in Chinese numerology on the basis of pronunciation a number is regarded as auspicious or ominous. Here the individual lucky numbers are also related to their birth date. A positive or negative connotation associated with the word and the way of its pronunciation makes the number lucky or unlucky. For example the word “fa in” which means “a fortune” and the number 8 which sounds similar to it considered as lucky.

Another philosophical system prevails in china is regarding the “Feng shui”, which has a profound influence on Chinese thoughts. According to fang shui things are comprised of two forces i.e. “yin and yang”. Here the odd numbers are Yang and the even are yin. When the yin and yang are combined these forms a balanced number pair.

Chinese numerology is also greatly influenced by the “Lo Shu Grid”, which was founded by the last of the emperors “yu”. He founded it on the shell of a rare species of tortoise which has a unique marking showing one square of nine boxes, three across and three down. The grid was named as Lo Shu Grid. It is used as a birth chart to predict the personality strength, and one just needs his or her date of birth.

Chinese numerology



Consideration about different numbers:

In Chinese numerology chart, the assumption regarding the individual number greatly depends on the similarities of Chinese language and its sound connotation.

Some example regarding the belief of Chinese numerology upon the different numbers is as below.

Zero -: it is generally considered as a good number and is related to the beginning of all things.

One -:  It symbolizes the loneliness, and also considered as neither auspicious nor the inauspicious number.

Two -: The number symbolize with the saying “good thing comes in pair” and is related to the good luck. It is also associated with prosperity.

Three -: It is associated with birth, marriage and death the three stages of life. So it is considered as a good number. However on the other hand it is also considered as a bad number as it also sound similar to “to separate” or to “split”.

Four -: This is the unlucky number, as it is nearly homophonous to the word “Death”.

Five -: In Chinese philosophy the number five is associated with the five elements like “water, fire, earth, metal and wood. And in mandarin and Cantonese it sounds like “not”.

Six -: It is considered as a good number for business. It also sounds like happiness. So is related to the fortune.

Seven -: It is considered as an unlucky number as the seventh month “July” is considered as the Ghost month. But at the same time it is also considered as a good number for relationship. Similarly in Cantonese seven is also considered as the vulgar way to say “penis”.

Eight -: The number eight is considered as the most auspicious and a very lucky number associated with double joy, prosperity, and happiness. Even its assignment with several eights makes it luckier. For example, the opening ceremony of 2008 Olympics was begun on 08/08/08 on 8 pm 8 minute and 8 second. The PETRONAS twin tower in Malaysia each has 88 floors.

Nine -: The number nine sounds like the “long lasting “and is often assumed regarding the wedding and its retention purpose. It is also associated with historical Emperors of china and their empires. So the officials with extraordinary services were rewarded the nine. And the nine familial extermination was the harshest punishment that the emperor sentences. The emperor ‘robe’ also has nine dragons. The Chinese mythologies also consider a dragon has nine offspring’s. And also before the establishment of imperial examinations officials were organised in the nine rank systems.

Chinese Numerology has a great influence not only over those particular masses but also beyond its boundaries. Now a day’s Chinese Numerology is greatly practiced around all over the globe with its Mythical and Astrological beliefs.




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