Soul Urge Number

The inner person inside most of us that tells “this is right, go ahead!”, that voice that asks us to repent our sins, our internal self is no more mysterious as it could be reflected using the Soul Urge Number also known as the Heart’s Desire Number.
The Soul Urge Number reveals precisely what its name indicates, the innermost desires, and cravings of a person’s soul. This is among the most powerful of numbers present on any individual’s numerology chart, and provides a good enough indication of the real motives behind their actions, both in personal and professional spheres. This number is derived by replacing the vowels in ones first, middle, and last name with their numerical values, and then adding up till one arrives at a single digit, or one of the two master numbers. This number plays a crucial role right from the time of birth till death in a person’s life.

Numerology soul urge

How to calculate?

1) Translate vowels to numbers using this conversion way: –
A = 1;
U = 3;
E = 5;
O = 6;
I = 9
2) Add numbers together then reduce the sum to a one-digit number
3) Repeat steps 1 & 2 for the remaining names.
4) Add reduced numbers together then reduce again if needed to get your Soul Number
5) 11, 22 or 33 are exceptions to be added without reduction

Example: Jane doe has a Soul Number of 8: –



















Total = 6 + 11 = 17

Reduced to = 1 + 7 = 8



Soul Urge 1

People with a 1 Soul urge number have stubborn determination when they believe they are right. They are also independent and make a trustworthy leader. Those born with soul number urge 1 tends to reflect the position this number holds among its peers in their one belief and convictions. They love to be the center of attention, and believe that they are born to lead others. However, they cannot forgive the feeling of letting themselves or others down in any way, or not living up to their expectations. Their motto is life should be to infuse a dash of humility in their personality, and connect with others at a personal level.

Soul Urge 2

These are the theologians of their community. They love to keep peace and help people cooperate closely with each other. Being born with soul urge number 2 renders individuals with a heightened feeling of finding gratification from the admiration of others, as well as, being the person of desire from someone special. They often tend to put enormous faith upon others, and this can lead to major disappointments when others are not able to live up to their level of expectations. They need to stop putting so much faith on others, or expect such high degree of perfection from everyone.

Soul Urge 3

Writers and actors usually have a Soul Number of 3, whose people can fully express themselves and tend to interest people. People born with the soul urge number 3 tend to be born with the gift of expression, which allows them to thrive in the creative fields such as artistic or theatrical worlds. They are born to provide strong public performances, which renders them suitable for a life in politics, or showbiz. However, they often crave for admiration but the most potent challenge that their soul faces is the need to reconcile with the existence of critics and learn to perform regardless of their actions.

Soul Urge 4

People with the Soul number 4 love to follow orders and tend to have a job at the trading industry. The soul urge number 4 provides a dose of stability and orderliness to the soul of individuals born with it, and they revel in restoring order and harmony to the chaos that engulfs them everywhere. These individuals tend to be perfectionists in their crafts, which can make them, seem like obstinate and inflexible to others. Moreover, sometime they can become a bit too controlling, which they must desist from doing and instead let their imagination flow to allow them to reach newer heights.

Soul Urge 5

These people have a spirit of adventures accompanied with great passion to break their limits and daily routine. Those born with soul urge number 5 tend to revel in the spirit of adventure, and are fond of traveling to new places in the hope of acquiring unusual experiences and fresh perspective about life at large. They are of the opinion that life is too short to be bogged down by the mundane, and are highly averse to repetitive work the most. However, they need to learn to settle down in order to find firm ground under their feet, and be able to achieve their true potential in life.

Numerology soul urge

Soul Urge 6

People with a 6 for a heart’s desire have extra care for their family over their career, they also need to feel important to others. Individuals with the soul number urge 6 are fond of taking care of others, and putting others needs before their own. The nurturing nature that they possess makes them feel extremely gratified if they are able to teach others to lead a harmonious life, and be their guide in life. They are fond of providing a positive influence to others lives, but need to learn when to let go of past relationships rather than clinging onto them. This will help them blossom and reach their true potentials.

Soul Urge 7

Philosophers usually have a soul urge of 7, whose people are often calm, mood introspective and deep thinkers. Those born with the soul number urge 7 tend to possess a highly scientific temper and esoteric worldview, which renders them capable of feeding on knowledge to satiate their souls. These are often the individuals who are able to reach the pinnacle of success in the higher forms of education comprising of subjects requiring a unique mix of discipline and imagination. However, they often find themselves at a completely different plane compared to the people all around them, and this makes it difficult for them to have constructive communications with others.

Soul Urge 8

These are determined to be successful, rich and powerful. Facing challenges briefly explain their routine. Being born with the soul urge number 8 renders an innate sense of resourcefulness to these individuals, and they are capable of reaching the pinnacle of success in life concerning wealth and power. They are fond of attaining position of power and lead others, while also take great care to provide for those that they love and lead. However, their real challenge is to let go of their overtly materialistic worldview, and instead try and find some inner peace and tranquility as well.

Soul Urge 9

People with this soul number are a typical HR developer who desires to develop workers and up-lift their community. Individuals born under the influence of soul urge number 9 often tend to possess an idealistic state of mind, which serves well to complement their extremely strong humanitarian motives. These individuals also possess a number of other positive attributes such as a highly analytical mind, combined with razor sharp intuitions to enable them to aim for their lofty aspirations, and connect with others at the same time. However, they need to learn to lessen their zeal for idealism so as not to appear as an extremist or fanatic to others.

Soul Urge 11

People born with the soul number urge 11 tend to reside in a higher spiritual realm and are always seeking for the ultimate truth, which provides them unique abilities to transform their ideals into reality. These individuals are often on the lookout for the master or guru who will help them in discovering new depths of spirituality. However, such endeavors are often streaked with disappointments when these individuals realize that their supposed spiritual masters are mere humans, and far from ideal human beings capable of rendering divine knowledge.

Soul Urge 22

This soul number describes people who seek professionalism and will reach prosperity. In the process they help enhance all creatures’ life. People with the 11 heart’s desire have a great tendency to share their faith and help others find their real purpose in the world. The soul number urge 22 renders the highest soul calling to individuals having it one their numerology chart, and renders them with unparalleled capabilities to transform the world for good. They are in the possession of a keen and analytical mind, along with a strong and charismatic personality, as well as, ample amount of courage and intelligence. The potent combination of all such positive attributes allows them to imbibe the noblest aspirations of ancient text, and manifest their ideals on earth on the face of the most formidable of adversaries and obstacles.

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