Master Numbers

Master numbers are among the most mysterious and often least understood of all the numbers that are present in the ancient field of numerology. Master numbers consist of 11, 22, and 33, which differ from all other double-digit numbers because of the influence they exert upon the individual on whose numerology chart they are present. In fact, quite often it becomes extremely difficult to discern whether the presence of any of these master numbers in the charts is a blessing or curse for the individual concerned. This is because they endow individuals with great talent and potential, but can be notoriously difficult to integrate into their personality and master them.



11 Master Number:


Michael Jordan has Master number 11
Michael Jordan has Master number 11
It is one of the numbers of master that provides an elevation to the individuals possessing this number. Although, the inherent characteristics of 11 master number are present in all individuals possessing this number, but the other external factors play an important role in determining the real future of the individual with this number. Some of these external factors include friends, social institutions, family and all the other social factors that these people come in contact with. Mostly all these factors restricts the real potential of these number 1 people.
However, if they are allowed the complete freedom they would get double the power of a person with a single 1. Number denoted the power from the Creative, leading to higher devotion and focus. So, for 11 number, all this would be doubled.
There is another possibility for the people with number 11. Upon adding 1+1, it ends up in 2. So, if the higher vibration would not be handled solely by the individuals, there is a high probability that number 2 will get prominent in defining their characteristics.
So, at one hand, number 11 is magical, providing extra ordinary capabilities, but on the other hand, the individual possessing these qualities must show the strength to hold the qualities of this number, otherwise they can be turned into number 2 qualities.

The 11 master number is the most intuitive of all the numbers of master that might be present on any numerology chart, and this endows an exceedingly intuitive nature to all those who happen to be born under this number. In fact, these individuals are capable of discerning the behind the scene activity in every aspect of life with utmost ease, and can utilize this great ability to be sensitive and helpful towards others. Even though immensely gifted, those born under the master 11 number often tend to feel overwhelmed by their formidable talents, which can make them vulnerable, and week.

The master number 11 is in fact the highly magnified manifestation of most of the qualities possessed by the number 2, and this leads to the presence of a highly intellectual and visionary persona in these individuals. Therefore, people with this master number on their numerology charts tend to become great inventors, charismatic leaders, or deeply perceptive spiritual guides in their lives, even though they may suffer from phobias or deep seated insecurities at times. Moreover, they tend to be highly idealistic and inspiring by nature, and prefer to dig deep into any matter that that they care to notice.

Those born under the 11 master number often have natural inclination towards metaphysical understandings and spiritual illumination. These individuals are extremely good at teamwork and possess the tenacity to complete any project that they have undertaken. They are likely to remain faithful and committed towards their partners. Most of the individuals born under this number tend to be perfectionists, but it can turn out to be their greatest foe if they do not learn how to balance their craving for perfection with a pragmatic and practical approach towards life. Even though they are visionaries, they must get over their fear of taking practical decisions to turn those visions in reality.



22 Master Number:


Bill Gates has master number 33
Bill Gates (Microsoft founder) has Master number 33
22 is another numbers of master from numerology. It is based on Number 2 for deriving most of its features. As Number 2 demonstrates humility and caring for others as the most important factors, people having Magical Number 22 are known for their intense sacrifice that they make for the others. Such people can also be known for their ability to unearth divine truths based on their divine and spiritual connections. Moreover, they can also be the Master Builders. Pure dynamic strength can be said to be achieved if higher vibration provided by the number is sought. All these characteristics are because of the existence of 2 – double times.

The case of attaining the higher spiritual power and increased intensity vibration is possible through 22 Master Number. But for those who cannot attain or retain that higher spirit, they usually end up with having the qualities and characteristics of number 4, which is the normal number in Numerology. In that case, the powers of individuals with number 22 are only limited to hard work, devotion and detailed oriented nature. They never excel to the higher spiritual status where they can be given something extra.

The master 22 number is often considered to be the most powerful of all numbers of master that might be present on the numerology chart of any individual. People born under this number possess the capability to apply their deep and insightful knowledge and spiritual understanding in a practical manner to turn their big dreams into mammoth achievements with resounding success. This great ability of the people born under this number to attain such dizzying heights of success is due to the unique combination of the profoundly intuitive nature of the master 11 number along with the highly sense of practicality present in those with number 4 on their charts.

However, those born under the master number 22 takes some time to get into their grooves, and this usually consists of going through a number of trials and tribulations. However, once they get going there is no stopping them so long as they do not lose focus and fall into the trap of mediocrity. In fact, a latent fear of failure is always there to haunt the psyche of those born under this number, partly from the burden of their own expectations. This in turn can lead them to become dictatorial and overbearing, as well as, insensitive to others.

The 22 master number endows masterly teaching skills to individuals born under its influence, and they possess the natural ability to influence others. However, they must focus upon achieving what is worth their time and effort, and not become overtly materialistic in nature. Moreover, they ought to get better at the organizing skills, or else they run the risk of frittering away their immense potential. Finally, they must acquire peace of mind, and remain firm in their commitment towards their goals and aspirations in order to do ample justice to their vast talents and capabilities.



33 Master Number:


Albert Einstein is master number 33
Albert Einstein has Master number 33
People with 33 Master Number are chosen for the angelic music. This angelic music enables such individuals to know about the past, present and future of different individuals, and events. Even the emotional and mental standing of others can be easily known by number 33 people. With such capabilities, these people can show their concern and empathy towards others and solve the problems, which others are facing. However, negative aspect of number 33 is that if the real agenda of having these powers is not understood, it can lead to preaching of one’s own agenda.

Some people might not even carry the frequency that number 33 provides them. In such a situation, the individual will have the capabilities of number 6 only. These capabilities relate to taking care of others and you can experience the other qualities of number 6 only. Additionally, as a simple Number 6, you can experience the loving and caring nature from these individuals. But at the same time, once the things go beyond limit, there is no end to harshness that such people can actually show.

The master 33 number is exceedingly rare to come across in any numerology chart, and it only matters in case 0 core numbers of an individual to be of any meaningful impact on their life and destiny. However, whenever that happens, the humanity is often enriched by the presence of a great spiritual teacher among its midst. That this master number is popularly referred to as the ‘Master Teacher’ is a given fact then, which is because of the focus and determination with which individuals born under it strive to serve humanity.

The master number 33 combines the exceedingly responsible and nurturing nature of the number 6 along with the spiritual prowess of the master number 22 to produce individuals who have very little concern for their personal ambitions, but are more concerned with teaching the world the key points of life. Also people born with 33 numbers of master intend to spread the message of love among all of humanity, and uplift their spiritual awareness to an altogether different plane. This master number is solely concerned with the inner beauty of people, and is committed towards raising the conscious level of as many people as they can within their lifetime.

The 33 master number renders individuals born under its influence with no desire for positions of power, but they often have to make peace with roles of leadership and responsibility. However, they will be able to utilize their leadership position to win the heart of people and achieve considerable fame with acts of benevolence, gentleness, and compassion. These individual tend to be dreamers and visionaries, but they even achieve their dreams if they can get their organizational skills into order. They need to possess the conviction to follow their own ideas, even in the face of criticism and opposition, to be able to turn the world into a better place.



Master Number 44:

44 master number is the number that revolves around the transactions of the business and the other financial aspects. Additionally, the ways that can used for the accomplishment of material objectives are also prominent in the case where individuals 44 as the numbers of master.
Some of the qualities that the individual with number 44 should expect are good sense for conducting business, setting clear and focussed goal for accomplishment, along with a long lasting vision that would take these individuals to great height along with the betterment of the community. The orderliness and ability to organize things are some of the extra abilities possessed by individuals with number 44.
Overall, the person with 44 as their numerological number is often perceived as money oriented or materialistic because of the innate abilities of the number and the qualities that are transferred in the individuals.
Overall, this number possesses the capabilities of both 4 and 8. So, you must be expecting realism and materialism from number 8, efficiency, and pragmatism from number 4. As a result a unique combination is formed which neither falls directly in number 4 category nor in number 8.

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