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In numerology, Number 1 has a special place because it is the symbol of Creation. It depicts the characteristics that are directly derived from Nature. Initiation, self-motivation, urge for the creation of something new are the predominant factors that impact people with Numerology 1. Some of the important personality traits, attributes, soul number, destination and career paths have been discussed in this article below.

Those born under the influence of numerology number 1 reflects the position that this number holds in the number system, that is in front of everyone and second to none. Thus, those with the life path number 1 are natural born leaders of men, and they are not capable of taking orders or directives from anyone but themselves. Numerology 1 individuals are doers by nature, and are capable of achieving great feats with the help of their forceful and energetic nature, which knows no bounds. However, apart from being exceedingly ambitious in the more materialistic aspects of life, the numerology number 1 endows these individuals with a heightened perception of the spiritual realm.
The more prominent aspects of those born under the influence of the numerology 1 number can be decoded from its mere shape, which makes it so very accurate to predict the characters associated with 1 numerology. The slender and upright shape of the number 1 reflects the strong and upright pose that these individuals take in their life, which is filled with pride and purpose. Moreover, the shape imitating an arrowhead or spear point implies the position in any undertaking that these individuals will assume, which is nothing other than that of a leader. In addition to that, these individuals also possess an extremely strong and determined persona, which allows them to follow their path towards glory with an unwavering and unflinching demeanor. This strong nature allows those born under numerology 1 number to be big dreamers, and transform those dreams into reality as well.
Those born with life path number 1 tend to be like the unstoppable forces of nature, which makes them capable of removing all obstacles from their path or drilling right through those. These individuals are not fond of wasting their time upon philosophical contemplation or meditative practices, but rather spend their energy upon activities that will directly result in helping them reach their goals. They tend to be highly pragmatic and do not take an idealist standpoint regarding life and its various aspects. They make for excellent conquerors or warriors, rather than philosophers or spiritual guides. Moreover, these individuals tend to rely upon their ability to separate the right from the wrong, which they view from a very narrow and straightforward view of life. They try to impose their thoughts and ideas upon others, but are not ready to reciprocate that by giving audience to those from others.
According to numerology, the number 1 is the most masculine of all numbers. Therefore, numerology number 1 indicates that individuals born under its influence are not averse to confrontations, but are extremely courageous and always prepared to defend the weak. However, they can also turn out to be quite dictatorial by nature, with an inclination to dominate others ceaselessly. This is going to put a stress on their close relationships, and make them more isolated. Moreover, they may also lack tact and diplomacy, which is not good for succeeding in life. In addition, they might develop certain other negative character traits such as selfishness and vanity, neither of which is helpful in gaining friends and followers.

Numerology 1 leader


1 Numerology – Destination:

Based on the destination, number 1 people can be said to be influenced by 1st incarnation or the spiritual development, which often make them independent and the urge of freedom. Broader horizons are waiting for them. However, this might sometimes lead to switching between jobs and even relationships. Usually, these people have a very limited spiritual understanding and are more excited towards the materialistic things including money.



Life Path 1 – Personality:

Number 1 in numerology is given to the “Creator” or “Pioneer” of something or someone. So, all the characteristics, attributes and happenings related to the people having this number are highly related to these words of “creator” and “pioneer”.
The personality of such individuals is highly capable of shrugging the negativism around them. However, apart from negativism, they are capable of shrugging off the right advice too. This is because of the high headedness that is attributed to the people having numerological number 1.
All these extreme positives of number 1 are the weakness for it as well. The extreme stances can lead to separation of such individuals from the others leading to lack of social circle and misperception about the personality.
So, people with this number have to take great care of this aspect of their personality. If taken positively, this number can make them strong highly strengthened. However, if negatively pursued the same number can lead to loneliness. And it gets worse because their nature does not allow to reconcile and mend the broken ties with people.



Number 1: Attributes:

Most of the masculine characters are found in people having life path number 1. Independence, freedom, self –leadership, higher activity, authority, achievement, and forcefulness are some of the basic attributes that are found in these people. These attributes not only shape up the personality of these people but is also demonstrated in some of the traits and the ways of spending lifestyle as portrayed in the soul number section and destination.



Numerology 1 – Soul Number:

As a soul Number, 1 provides a commanding nature to its inherent. Because of the commanding nature and the lack of showing weaknesses, such people are apt for military or top political position. This is because they get their commands exercised. However, this commanding nature does not allow them to ask for help even if needed.
The aim of people with this number is to shine and they don’t forgo any such opportunity. The inherent qualities support this aim and they often accomplish what they aim for.



Numerology 1 – Career Path:

Either military or commanding roles in politics are some of the career options that such people have. However, rather than employed in any situation, self-employment provides the scenario that could help them in meeting their inherent needs most closely.
Additionally, they are technology savvy and adjust to new technology quite easily so the combination of entrepreneurship and technology can prove to be the best career option for them.

numerology 1 leader


1 Numerology – Compatibility:

Being high headed, other people find difficult to live with Number 1. However, number 3 and number 5 people who can have good compatibility with people with life path number 1.
Number 3 people are casual and easy going so they would not mind any of the high headedness or extra commanding nature of Number 1 people. Similarly, Number 5 people are adventurous so they can be facilitative for Number 1 people in starting new ventures etc.




Finally, those born with numerology 1 need to shed their hypersensitive nature, and become less averse to criticism. They need to remember that they cannot achieve everything alone, and in order to succeed they are going to need able deputies. They are good at remaining loyal to their friends, and except nothing less in return. However, numerology 1  individuals need to ensure that they develop a friendlier demeanor to be able to enjoy a more stable personal life, which is essential for attaining peace of mind. This in turn will help them in focusing upon their one true goal, which is attaining greatness.

Overall, people with 1 Numerology can sometimes be a bit bossy. They have the ability to initiate new things and find their way through the incorporation of new ideas. However, these capabilities if gone beyond control can lead to problems for the number 1 people and the ones surrounding them, including problems in relationship and bad impression on others.
Numerology one people are idea driven pioneers, great inventors and can make admirable leaders when they have a more balanced approach to life.

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