Numerology Chart

Numerology Chart

Numbers hold mystical influences over the life of everyone, and a numerology chart serves as the most effective tool to decipher those mystical effects and use them to the betterment of the concerned individual. The personalized birth charts have become exceedingly popular these days because of the growing awareness regarding the deep bond between the numbers that a person is born with and their personality and destiny in life. Such a numerology chart can come in handy to any person feeling lost in life, and trying to make the most of the abilities they possess to succeed.

Also any such numerology charts containing personalized numerology calculation can help individuals in unleashing their true potential, and taking the life path that is going to provide them with maximum return in the form of peace and prosperity. Moreover, a numerology report can come in handy at time of life by aiding concerned individuals in making the right decisions, and not allowing them to understand what destiny has in store for them. The numerology chart takes into account the name and the birth date of a person for making the numerology calculations, which is to ensure maximum level of accuracy of the predictions and providing a more holistic view of life.

Life Path Number Calculation:
Numerology Chart

The Life Path Number is among the most important of the numbers used for the numerological calculations of any individual in their numerology reading, and it plays an exceedingly significant role in determining the native traits that any person is born with and carries to their graves. No wonder it forms such an integral part of any numerology report, and is arrived at by simply summing up the numbers present in the birth date of an individual. The process involved in deriving this number from the date of birth of a person is quite simple and straightforward to be honest, with the aim being to arrive a single digit by adding up all the digits in the birth date, unless it is a master number i.e. 11, 22, or 33.


The above image provides a truly lucid and illuminating illustration of the manner in which the Life Path Number numerology chart of any individual can be arrived at from their birth date, without any fuss whatsoever. In the above numerology chart diagram, the birth date mentioned is 27th of August 1958, with the date, month, and the year forming the three distinct constituents of the birth date of any person.

The numerology calculation of the Life Path Number begins with the adding up of the individual digits in the date, month, and year of any birth date separately. In the above illustration, the year is 1958, and adding the four digits 1, 9, 5, and 8 yields 23, and with further adding up of 2, and 3 yielding 5. Similarly, adding up the individual digits 2 and 7, this makes up the date 27, yields 9. Since, the month of august translates into number 8, which is a single digit, there is no further action needed in this case. Finally, adding up the three individual digits derived by adding the date, month, and year of the birth date separately yields the double digit 22. For any double-digit number other than 11, 22 or 33, the norm is to add them up, with the resultant single digit being the Life path Number. However, since 11, 22 & 33 are master numbers, they are not added up but used in their original form for numerology calculation.

The Life Path Number plays the most important role in determining the natural tendencies and instincts of a person, and decides the path that they are most likely to opt for in their journey of life.

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Your Life Path Number Meanings:


Life Path 1:

Numerology chart considers Number 1 as an autonomous individual who has a self-driving motivation for accomplishing things. The individuals with this number are often linked to characteristics of leaders including the urge of leading from the front, high focus, clear vision and independence. These qualities come from the fact that number 1 is the number of Creation and the powers of the Creation are transferred to the people with the same number i.e. 1
Additionally, the numerology report for number 1 also highlights that despite their independent existence, they can feel lonely at times but they usually get over it by readjusting their expectations from others.


Life Path 2:

Number 2 is linked with the quality of sensitivity, balance, and harmony. With these qualities, people with number 2 are gentle and often forgiving. Feminine powers of kindness and compassion are overflowing in such people. Grace and calmness are amongst the most exercised qualities for these signs. All these qualities are their strengths, not their weakness.
Number 2 people are like the crew behind the curtain. They manage everything for the main stage but never come to the front for getting the applause or acknowledgment. But without such people, the stage of life can’t work properly.


Life Path 3:

Number 3 is known for the artistic nature of the individuals. Interpersonal skills including communication, creativity, innovation, and motivation are some of the characteristics of their personality. The emotional element of the Personality of number 3 can be often portrayed through art or creativity in one form or the other. They believe in making other happy and uses their capabilities for it, but at times they can be moody and this is when they want their alone time.
Number 3 people are quite lucky when handling lower energy periods because they are given the special tendency to reset their moods and be normal again.


Life Path 4:

One of the signs that can be considered earthly centered is Number 4. People with Life Path Number 4 in their chart; center all their efforts on practicality and rationality. For them, life revolves around the creation of solid structures and infrastructures to get a stronger and long-lasting image in the world. Deadpan humor is what makes the Number 4 different from the others.
Responsibility, hardworking and immense importance to details is some of the characteristics that can be seen in Number 4 numerology report. Their disciplined nature shows the high value they put in rules or rational achievement of objectives. This can be one of their weaknesses too. They might have to compromise on some of the important life events with this characteristic of their nature.


Life Path 5:

The energy of a fireball defines Number 5. They are restless and impatient, or these qualities if channelled properly, can be linked to the vivacious or the lively spirit of the people.
For them joy is life. Responsibilities and commitments are not something that Number 5 people are willing to accept. For such people, the jobs involving traveling and exploration are worth opting. This is because they are street smart and can handle petty issues quite well.
They are not career oriented but are risky adventures, which do not guarantee success every time. Numerology Reading can refer them to the title of unconventional to explain their nature.


Life Path 6:

This is the most settled number according to the numerology report. People with Number 6 have a caring and protecting nature for everyone around them whether it is their friend, family or pets. In most of the cases, they do not consider fights or confrontment, but when the situation involves protection of the weak, they never stay out of it.
Number 6 individuals are self-less, helping others every time but sometimes their over caring nature creates a problem for them. As people, get offended by the overprotectiveness that they show towards the others.


Life Path 7:

According to numerology reading, 7 is the “curious” number who wants to explore everything every time. Their perception about the truth is what makes people annoying and thus they can often be considered as socially awkward. This number wants methodologies and groundwork required for all their decisions but the only thing they like is the work that they do by themselves. So, they are the perfectionist who never finds others’ work as okay. This is where they usually have a disagreement with others.


Life Path 8:

Numerology chart shows number 8 to be centered around the finances. For them, success is inevitable because of the realistic goals that the set. Additionally, balance and equality are the two biggest mantras on which they spend their life. Whether it is the spiritual stances or the physical ones, you’ll find a balance in them, which is not ordinary. Additionally, this number is expected to get wealth quite easily but losing it is easier as well. Spending for humanitarian purposes is one of the norms of Number 8 people.


Life Path 9:

Role of the individuals in the world is best known to these people. For them, taking steps for the betterment of all are important. They believe in collectivism, especially in global context. Generosity, collaboration, and sophistication are amongst the characteristics of this number. According to the numerology reading, the high flight of the people of this number often leads to their distance from the roots.
Spiritual awareness and goodness for all are the positives on which these people live their entire life. For them, the result is not physical every time and the way in which the society is improved becomes their achievement.


Life Path 11:

This is the first Master Number in the Numerology chart. You can see this number as a doubling effect of the characteristics of Number 1. Higher dynamism in personality, the capability of handling more challenges, and the presence of a specific mission in their life are some of the characteristics of people having this number.
Intuitiveness is often guaranteed with this number; however, it requires hard work awareness for managing the excessive intuitive abilities that are stored for the individuals with this number.


Life Path 22:

The other Master number is 22. Number 22 encompasses on the characteristics and abilities of Number 4. People with this number have a strong spiritual connection. Additionally, they are capable of transforming their thought and imagination into reality in a better way as compared to any other numbers.
Support from friend and family is often required by this chart number of Numerology. But when it is actually received, you can them doing the wonders. Scientific research is one of the best career options that they can choose and excel in their life.



Expression Number:

The Expression Number, or the Destiny Number as it is popular among many numerology reading, is another important member of the personalized numerology chart, and this is because of the fact that substitution of the name of a person with corresponding numbers is used to arrive at this figure. The name that persons give their children after birth is borne out of the intuition they have regarding what name is going to suit their child the most. This process is not arbitrary because parents show the uncanny ability to pick just the right name for their children. However, deciphering the mystical portent that the name holds for a person with the help of numerology can help in unleashing their true potential while making them wiser regarding their follies. The process used for deriving this number consists of using a chart for converting letters in the first, middle, and last name of a person into the corresponding numbers, then adding them up methodically.

Expression Number Chart:
Numerology Chart


The above diagram provides the nine cardinal numbers, as well as, the letters that they represent. The process of deriving the Expression Number involves converting the letters in the name of any person into the corresponding numbers using this chart, without any exceptions. After having converted all the letters in the first, middle, and last name into their corresponding digits, the next step is to add up the digits of each name separately. After having added up the digits to arrive at a single digit for each of the first, middle, and last name, the final step is to add them up for arriving at the Expression Number. However, this norm of adding up to arrive at the single digit does not hold true in case of 11, 22, and 33, all of which are master numbers and carry special attributes.

It is important that any unnatural aberrations in the spelling of a name, as well as, artificial modification be avoided at the time of the numerology calculation. Nicknames, assumed names, deviations in spellings, as well as, abbreviations are all to be avoided. However, when accurately calculated, the Expression Number can help in providing a profound insight into the many talents and abilities that a person is born with, as well as, the follies and shortcomings that may prove to be their undoing. Thus, it is bound to be of paramount help to people in making them more aware of their latent potential, and weaknesses at the same time.



Soul Urge Number:

The Soul Urge Number, also commonly referred to as the Heart’s Desire Number or simple as the Soul Urge, represents the most innermost desires of a person on their numerology reading. This number is among the core numbers for any individual because of its significance in reflecting their most profound yearnings.  Therefore, this number helps in revealing the dreams and aims of a person. Moreover, it sheds light to the deepest desires of individuals that are most likely to be strong motivation for them to be able to proceed in life with eagerness and determination. In fact, this number casts a long shadow on practically every meaningful actions committed by individuals, and this includes practically everything from the choices they make in terms of lifestyle and tastes to their decisions regarding career and relationships. Actually, this number provides an insight into the extensive journey that the soul of a person has made in its current incarnation.


Soul Urge Number Chart:
Numerology Chart


The numerology chart method used for deriving the Soul Urge Number of a person is by converting the vowels present in their names into the corresponding numbers, while completely ignoring the consonants present in them. Thus, only A, E, I, O, and U, as well as, Y or W in certain cases when it sounds like a vowel is taken into consideration while trying to derive the number that reflects the heart’s desires of any individual. The trick is to decide correctly, whether a W or Y in the name sounds like a vowel and not a consonant.

After having picked out all the vowels that are present in the first, middle, and last name of a person, the next step is to use the numerology chart given in the diagram above to convert them into their corresponding numerical values. Following the conversion, adding up the digits till they give a single digit is the step to be followed, even if it needs to be repeated multiple times to arrive at a single digit. The number thus arrived is the Soul Urge Number, which provides the most astounding peek into the heart’s desire of an individual.

The Soul Urge Number is of such immense significance in the numerology report of any individual because of the powerful hold that passion exerts over the abilities of people. It can be of immense help in guiding people in making the correct choices regarding career and relationship, as well as, provide them with enough motivation to succeed in life.



Birth Date Number:

The Birth Date Number differs from the Life Path Number by the fact that it consists of solely the date on which a person was born, and does not take into account the month and year of their birth unlike the latter. This number consists of adding of two digits in case of people born on 10 and so forth, except for 11 and 22 that are master numbers, while for the first nine days of the month, the date translates into the Birth Date Number without any need of modifications. This number helps in shedding some insight into the nature and instincts of a person.


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