Numerology 6

Numerology 6

Numerology is the study of the language of numbers. It is believed that numbers have a mystical relationship with the events occurring in our life. It is regarded as a branch of astrology along with paranormal studies. Many people in the world relate Numerology with fortune telling. In India Numerology is often used in matching pairs of couples before marriage. The person who practises numerology or has faith in numerology is known as Numerologist. The methods used in numerology are:
• Alphabetic System
• Latin Alphabet System
• Abjad System

All the 9 numbers in Numerology represent different personalities. Numerology 6 or Number 6 is assigned to alphabet U, V, and W in Indian Numerology. Numerology 6 represents friendship, love, health, wisdom and beauty. It is the most harmonious number. Number 6 has major effects on loving and caring nature.

According to numerology number 6 or life path number 6, individuals born with this number on their numerology charts tend to possess a highly harmonious nature, in fact the most harmonious of all the individuals born with single-digit numbers on their charts. However, this does not mean that they lack their fair share of flaws and shortcomings, but the trick lies in making most of their loving and caring nature to overcome all such deficits. Numerology 6 individuals have the gift of brining harmony to the most discordant of situations, which makes them highly suitable for playing the role of peacemakers to great success. Moreover, they often act as the social fulcrum of their family, as well as, the larger community that they live in, and play the most significant role in keeping the various members together in a harmonious manner.

Numerology 6 Artistic

Presence of numerology 6 on the charts on individuals renders them with the positive attributes of a caring and sacrificing nature, with their great gifts being able to provide a healing touch to others, and helping them learn the ways of leading their lives in a harmonious manner. Numerology 6 individuals possess the great ability to adapt to almost any situation and behave according to what the situation demands. These are the people who are the most vocal in the support of the underdogs, and in protesting against any form of injustice that they have perceived. They are also highly reliable and suited for teamwork where they almost always perform their fair share of work without the need of any added motivation.
Individuals born under the influence of life path number 6 are great lovers of art, and fond of creative pursuits. They are always on the lookout of creating the most refined and harmonious environment for them, even though this can turn them into a bit of escapist who would rather get away from a discordant situation rather than facing it head-on. These individuals can be fun and jovial, which when added to their selfless and caring nature, makes them suitable choice as friends and partners. However, 6 numerology people can also be somewhat egoistic and self-righteous, which makes it difficult for them to share deep relationship with their partners.
The most common flaw that develops in the character of people born with numerology number 6 is their inability to distinguish between caring and meddling nature. Often, these individuals become overzealous in their effort to help others, which can end up in them becoming intrusive in other people’s affairs. Moreover, numerology number 6 people can be too idealistic at times which makes them susceptible to others taking advantage of them. This in turn often make them vitiated with the loving nature turning toxic and focusing on causing hurt to others. This can also happen when these individuals go too far in their attempt to harmonize situations by sacrificing their personal likes and dislikes, which often ends up in causing a lot of dissatisfaction and grievance about life in general.
People who are born with numerology 6 needs to strike a balance between their idealistic pursuits and the real world, which will help them in performing maximum benefit for others without the risk of getting trampled and abused. They can make the most of their sympathetic and understanding nature to find inner strength and resolve in the face of the most formidable of challenges, and in turn emerge stronger. They only need to take care of their overzealous and cynical nature, and ensure that they can strike a balance between their ideals and the harsh realities of life. This will help them in making most of their talents, and emerge victorious in their pursuit of creating a more harmonious world.



Life Path Number 6 numerology:

Individuals of Numerology 6 are known for their sense of awareness. They are the virtual knights for the people around them. They have strong humanitarian traits and makes people happy around them. They are very responsible for the task assigned to them and never make excuses. Due to their reliability and trustworthiness, most of the people are attracted toward them. Serving their family is the first priority of these individuals. They are always available for their family and never misses an opportunity to grow with them. Females of Number 6 prefer to stay at home and look after the family. They never lose hope and always looks on the positive side of the scenario.



The Personalities of the 6 numerology:

People born on life path number 6 have dynamic personalities. They have high efficiency in attracting people towards them. As Number 6 symbolizes Mother Goddess, the people belonging to number 6 are unselfish, emotionally connective, faithful and endowed with divine grace. Number 6 is also attached to spirituality. In Hinduism, it is bestowed with 6 virtues along with focus, faith, serenity and perseverance. The individuals are highly generous and always work for welfares of others. The personality of these individuals are sometimes critical to others as they overshadow their own merits and tends to lose their reputation. They feel like they are the best in the world and neglect the merits of others. They get highly indulge in helping someone that they sometimes mess up with others life. Due to their kind nature, they are easily manipulated by others to their advantages. They never criticize someone, usually, they accept everyone as they are. They look upon every situation carefully so that they never commit a mistake twice.

Numerology 6 Compassionate



Career paths of the numerology 6:

Life path 6 people are highly personable. The most opted career for 6 Numerology is teaching and medication/healing. However, there are many career options to which they are engaged with like humanitarian, diplomat, lawyer etc. They are highly social-minded and like to work with society. They are highly dedicated to their work. Decreasing financial status is very dangerous for number 6.



6 numerology Love Life:

These Individuals are looking for the mature symbiotic type of relationship. They are looking for someone who is family oriented and help him/her in every possible way. Their kind and helping nature earn them many friends of both genders. They have the power and will to compromise to make a balance and understanding in the relationship. Therefore, they have an everlasting and fulfilling married life.
Venus is the astrological planet for 6 Numerology which is known as the planet of love and peace. People belonging to number 6 are highly attractive and charming in terms of love and romance. They are sound-hearted and are easily carried away in relationships. They are carried away if their partner is not able to make an emotional bond and end up in extramarital affairs. For them, emotional bonding and connection are better than physical compatibility. They are not oriented toward sex.



Number 6 Compatibility:

People born on life path number 6 has high willpower and potential to make a long-lasting and fulfilled life with their partners. They love their position in others life. They are ready for sacrifices for the sake of their partner. They always desire for a calm and comfortable environment to live with their co-mates.



Metaphysical Associations:


Astrological Planet: Venus
Crystals: Red Jasper, Yellow Jasper, Smoky Quartz, Labradorite, Red Onyx
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Tarot Cards: It is represented as Lovers Card.
Element: Water
Lucky Day: Friday
Colour: Silver
Metal: Silver
First Name Alphabets: U, V, W.




Numerology 6 is the most harmonious number. The Individuals are ambitious and opportunity seeker. Their personality is magnetic that makes a mark wherever they visit. They are honest and reliable. They never cheat and fair in their work. However, they dominate people and situations due to which they lose their reputation. They never show their emotions.

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