The name is something that parents confer upon their children out of intuition, but more often than not, they tend to be surprisingly accurate for most people. Thus, the name of a person is destined to play an extremely significant role in their lives. Moreover, the letters of the name can translate into their corresponding numerical values to produce a numerical entity known as the expression number. This number is among the core numbers that play a leading role in predicting the character traits and life path of a person according to the ancient field of numerology.
The numerology expression number is the most important entity in this field when it comes to analyzing the character traits of a person, and they the path in life that they are likely to follow in their lives. This numbers speaks a lot about the talents and abilities of a person that are present at the time of his or her birth. In addition to that, it also sheds light upon the various flaws and shortcomings that mar a person’s abilities. Therefore, a closer study of this number can help in providing a far better choice to the individuals concerned about how to best utilize their talents and to get rid of their flaws.

Expression Number 1

Individuals having the expression number 1 tend to be highly ambitious, with utmost regard for their own abilities, and averse to criticisms from others. They possess an entrepreneurial spirit with love for independence, but at times can be too harsh on their partners and friends for perceived lack of perfection.

Expression Number 2

According to numerology expression number, these individuals are greatly motivated to succeed in teamwork, and possess highly developed diplomatic acumen. Moreover, they are highly empathetic to others, and suitable for resolving conflicts. However, carrying way too much baggage from others can make them bitter and depressive.

Expression Number 3

Individuals with the 3 expression number tend to possess highly creative nature, with a particular gift for communicating with others and excelling in public speaking. They are able to light up social groups with their expressive personas, but run the risk of frittering away their considerable talents by focusing on too many projects at the same time.

Expression Number 4

Numerology expression number predicts that these individuals tend to be highly organized and to possess great organizational skills. Moreover, they are loyal in relationships, and can good with finances. However, these people tend to be highly uncomfortable with anything even remotely unconventional and lack creativity sparks.

Expression Number 5

Individuals born with expression number 5 tend to be fond of adventures and excitements, and prefer to visit exotic places rather than remaining tied down to one place. Even though they possess a number of talents, they often succumb to the pull of the carnal pleasures, or fitter away their talents because of lack of focus.

Expression Number 6

According to numerology expression number, these individuals tend to possess highly idealistic nature and a habit of putting themselves ahead of others. Moreover, they are fond of becoming the center of any social group, and asserting their position. However, they often run the risk of becoming overly materialistic, and losing their humane touch.

Expression Number 7

The individuals belonging to 7 expression number tend to possess highly analytical minds, and are fond of asking questions about the deeper aspects of life and human existence. They often tend to be more interested in the spiritual and metaphysical than the materialistic world, but can make pragmatic decisions about personal and professional lives if the need arises.

Expression Number 8

Numerology expression number 8 foretells that these individuals about in talent and potential, and are capable of making it big in their lives. These people possess a highly competitive edge and they are not fond of working for anyone but themselves. However, they can appear to be insensitive to their family and friends that can make their personal lives suffer.

Expression Number 9

The individuals born with expression number 9 tend to possess highly magnetic personalities, and idealistic nature, which makes them, put others in front of themselves. They intend to serve for the betterment of the society, and are of empathetic nature, which makes so very attractive to the others.

Expression Number 11

11 expression number is a master number, and individuals born with it tend to possess all the good qualities of all the cardinal numbers. They are often in the possession of certain psychic tendencies, but they need to be able to balance and utilize their inner energy for a more constructive purpose.

Expression Number 22

According to numerology expression number, individuals born with this 22 master number on their charts tend to be masters at building up people and achievements. They possess all the qualities to become the master of their own destiny, and achieve anything they might have dreamt of accomplishing.

Expression Number 33

Individuals born with 33 expression number on their charts tend to possess heightened qualities of the number 6, which makes them ideal for providing a healing touch to others, as well as, teaching them to reach greater heights. However, they need to retain focus and not lose their self-belief.

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